Like Sukhumvit 22 believes that ethical business practices are critical to building the trust and loyalty that lead to lasting success. The vision of Like Sukhumvit 22 Hotel is to lead the hospitality industry in superior customer care. We strive to provide the highest levels of service to Like Sukhumvit 22 Hotel and to their guests with integrity and honesty such that brand loyalty continues to thrive. To achieve this vision, Like Sukhumvit 22 has adopted the following core values:

• Excellence in quality and service
• Integrity, both personal and professional
• Honesty and truthfulness
• Accountability
• Fairness and impartiality
• Respect for others’ dignity
• Leadership based upon hotel values
• Being a good member of the community

Consistent with these core values, Like Sukhumvit 22 acknowledges and respects the standards contained in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and it endeavors to conduct its business in a manner that is consistent with fundamental human rights. Like Sukhumvit 22 core values, practices, culture, and history embody a commitment to ethical business practices and good corporate citizenship.
Additionally, although each Best Western branded hotel is independently owned and operated, each hotel is contractually obligated to abide by all applicable laws and by Hotel standards.